About Us

At Playgro we understand the importance of play in the developmental journey of babies and create fun, innovative Infant Developmental Toys that engage their senses and stimulate their imagination. Playgro toys provide endless opportunities for babies to grow, learn and discover. We ensure that each product includes features that will assist baby to develop a range of skills - including motor and cognitive skills through active play, and stimulate them to think, look, listen and move.

Playgro was founded in 1992 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and we remain a proud Australian owned family business.

Our Products

Playgro is home to a talented team of Product Developers, Industrial Designers, Graphic Designers and Illustrators. Playgro toys are proudly designed in Melbourne, Australia and distributed to over 100 countries around the world.

We have the ability to create products that start with an idea or a sketch, and follow them all the way through to packaged product on the shelf. The team incorporates the latest in consumer insight and market research with up to the minute product technology to design and develop our products.

Our product designers call on many years of experience and continuing research to consistently produce products that meet and exceed the needs of the market. Our products are split into the following categories

  • Baby Care
  • Bath time
  • Bed Time
  • Gift Packs
  • Large Activity Floor Play
  • On The Go
  • Play Time
  • Rattling and Teething
  • Story Time